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Got Gas? Governor Chris Christie Abandons the Free Market in Exchange for Government Rationed Gasoline Sales

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Trenton, NJ – In not so surprising news, Governor Chris Christie (who I am sure is not lacking for fuel, water, heat, electricity, or food. Nor is being denied access to his property) has made the decision to abandon the free market and create a  government sanctioned system of gas rationing in 12 New jersey counties. From the official press release:

Tonight, Governor Chris Christie took action to prevent a fuel shortage and

Gov. Chris Christie (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

ease the problem of extended wait times and lines at gas stations by signing Executive Order 108, declaring a limited state of energy emergency with regard to the supply of motor fuel and implementing odd-even rationing for gasoline purchases in 12 New Jersey counties. Odd-even fuel sales will take effect in the following counties at noon on November 3, 2012: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren.

To highlight the governor’s official proclamation, at this point I feel the need to insert a HEAR YE, HEAR YE!

“As New Jerseyans continue the long process of recovering from Hurricane Sandy, it’s imperative that our families have secure, reliable access to essential supplies like fuel. Right now, the impact of the storm, particularly the continuance of widespread power outages, has created the disorderly sale of gas – including long lines, out of operation stations, and stations facing shortages,” said Governor Christie. “This system will ease the strain on those gas stations still operating, while we work to bring more online for the public to access fuel, in a manner that is fair, easy to understand, and less stressful.”

The Governor, aka the state, who knows how to best provide for its citizens and ensure their security is creating a system of fueling our vehicles in correlation to the last digit of our license plates, with the day of the month, odd or even, . Remember, “It is imperative that our families have secure,…” The Gov is attempting to give us security in exchange for the liberty of purchasing gasoline when it is most convenient to us. It was Benjamin Franklin who warned us about trading security for liberty. We all know the outcome, in the end you have neither. Thanks Chris. Here is the link to his Facebook post: CLICK HERE

“The orderly and reliable sale of gas to our residents is essential to maintaining a steady and reliable source of power for both transportation and the maintenance of essential services at home. With the challenges we face in the storm’s aftermath, we will be vigilant in enforcing this odd-even system, as we ease the stresses on the system,” said Attorney General Jeffery S. Chiesa. “I encourage all New Jerseyans to abide by this system – motorists and retail dealers alike – to ease wait times and improve access for everyone. Those who choose to disregard this order will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted under the Governor’s state of emergency authority.”

You will do as you are told. Or you can go over to Pennsylvania or Delaware, if you can afford the toll. The gas is more expensive, but you can purchase as much as you want when you want. My question: Governor, do you really think that central economic planning is the answer? The storm was bad enough, give us a break.

LBI Hurricane Information Updates

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It is no secret in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, that Long Beach Island was hit particularly hard. LBI residents and property owners are anxious to return to their beloved island, survey the damage, and secure their property. There seems to be a lot of speculation circulating about when we can return and under what circumstances. In our quest for answers, beyond scouring the internet, we have been in contact with folks in the know both on and off the Island.

Following is a decent list of credible sources of information available to the general public. I am of the opinion that the Long Beach Township Police Department is one of the best sources and portals to connect to for up to date information. On their site you will find recent updates, links to the police departments in neighboring municipalities, and a link to the Nixle community alert system. Keep these links handy to check for updates, and share with friends who are equally concerned.

Link to LBTPD

Long Beach Township Police Department

Nixle Community Alerts – LBTPD

LBI Source on Facebook

Jersey Shore Hurricane News on Facebook


Hurricane Sandy Still Stinging in S.E. Pennsylvania

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Marlborough Township, PA – Thursday afternoon, the pelting rain and howling winds of Hurricane Sandy seem so far away, yet her effects still sting. As we traveled through parts of central and eastern Montgomery County Pennsylvania this afternoon, it quickly became clear that many people were still trying to piece their lives back together and regain some normalcy in their daily routines.

Road closure due to downed trees and power lines from Hurricane Sandy,

We headed to Hatfield Township to assist a family member with yard clean-up, picking up branches and sticks that Sandy had left behind. Along the way, we saw many people removing debris from their yards and countless downed trees. We did our clean-up job and headed west through Hatfield where we witnessed and called in a fire that was igniting in a tree due to damaged power lines. We continued west through Franconia, Salford, and ultimately made our way through Marlborough Township where we encountered  numerous detours, road closings, trees resting on phone and power lines, and many areas where the power lines and utility poles were snapped.

While the disruption that we encountered may hardly compare to the devastation experienced along the Jersey coast and some of the New York boroughs, I would venture to guess that nearly fifty percent of the homes in the rural areas of the county remain without power and other basic services. We estimated that that only one in ten homes without power were running some sort of back-up generator.

We are fortunate that our power was only out for about 25 hours, our phone landlines were restored within 72 hours and cable/internet access followed shortly thereafter. Praying for those still without, and hoping the situation turns around quickly.


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